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Why Balanced Scoreboard?

The competitive edge for Financial Planning and Accounting Practices.

We all know that today automation of HR functions has become more accessible and affordable for small to medium sized businesses. There are various products that provide generic platforms that you can then customize to suit different businesses. They cover a broad range of important HR functions to manage the administration of employees from recruitment through to exiting. These automated HR functions can be time saving once set up.

However, in professional service firms, such as Financial Planning, Accounting and Legal practices, the focus on your people is especially important, as your ‘products’ are your people. Every team member contributes to the building of essential relationships with, and delivering quality services to, your clients.  Your people differentiate yourselves from your competitors, and can make or break, your business. And when we live in the current environment of low unemployment, it is essential to stand out from the crowd as an ‘Employer of Choice’ to get and keep the cream of the crop.

Becoming the ‘Employer of Choice’ – getting and keeping the best people

Talent Management is a term that has become the focus for the savvy firms that know to attract and keep quality people, you must be proactive in your strategic HR practices – engaging team members, training them to be their best, and keeping them by providing opportunities for them to have real input into both their roles and the organisation. This takes energy and can seem exhausting, trying to keep your team members engaged, focused and happy. And what this looks like in reality varies from industry to industry and takes time. This is where Balanced Scoreboard comes in.

Talent Management Implementers for Financial Planning Accounting and Legal practices.

The Team at Balanced Scoreboard identified early on that we are not trying to be or compete as an HR platform. Our advantage lies in our specialization. We provide and implement the structure, and industry specific know-how to help your financial planning, legal and/or accounting practice attract and keep the best people – nothing else. We know what we are good at, and we don’t try to be anything else.

We recognize that as a small to medium sized business, you often don’t have the internal knowledge or resources to customise a Talent Management strategy and platform specific to your needs. Such a strategy requires the:

  • Establishment of both organizational and individual position-specific KPIs to measure performance, so that your team members know what they need to do to be successful in their role.
  • Translation of business values into objective measures that drive and direct your culture and services the way you want.
  • Creation of a learning and development framework that establishes and tracks position-specific qualifications, technical proficiencies, and soft skills for meeting team member career aspirations and business needs as well as legislative and compliance requirements.
  • Opportunity for team members to provide real feedback and input into their roles and the organization through Surveys and other mechanisms.
  • Identification of individual SMART goals that both align with organizational goals and keep team members focused on what is important.
  • Development of a remuneration model that is specifically tailored to meet legislative requirements, maximise performance, and increase both competitive advantage and staff retention.
  • Means to implement your Strategy via practical processes and systems.

The Balanced Scoreboard Team was born from a gap and need in the market. The Team consists of professionals who are specialized in professional practice leadership, organizational development, performance coaching, process design, systems integration and project management. They all have worked in Financial Planning, Legal and Accounting firms and understand the unique needs as a result. As such, they can guide and implement your Talent Management Strategy, exactly as you want it.

Start the ball rolling

Contact Balanced Scoreboard to find out more about how we can deliver and implement a strategy for recognising, retaining, and rewarding your greatest asset, your people, and transforming your good team into a great team. Whether you are time poor and need us to support you all the way, or you just want industry- specific samples, templates and a platform to do it yourself, we can tailor a solution for you.

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