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Need-to-Knows About Tracking Proficiencies for Business Success

How to Transform your Good Team into a Great Team

Tracking the proficiencies of your team members is vital to business success and a great way to help them develop their career paths too. After all, great businesses are built on great people doing great work together. It’s all about communication, consistency and clarity — with business managers being realistic and team members buying in — and letting people know where they stand and how they can grow.

Of course, it’s a challenging and ongoing task. And, like many such tasks, it is easier if you have a proven methodology to guide you…

The Purpose of Tracking Proficiencies

Effectively and comprehensively developing your team members calls for clearly defined career path maps. These maps should incorporate the qualifications, certifications and proficiencies that each team member needs to have under their belt, from graduate level upwards, to be an effective participant in and contributor to mutual success.

Tracking the proficiencies identified in the maps can be a time-consuming process; however, with compliance requirements on the rise, the need to ensure your team members meet industry standards becomes more relevant. While compliance is one driver for tracking proficiencies, three further important objectives and benefits of tracking proficiencies include:

  1. Quality and consistency are ensured for your clients because you know with certainty your team members possess the skills to provide the level of service you have promised
  2. Team members are given clarity on exactly what they need to do, when and how well. If they don’t know, how can they succeed?
  3. Team members understand their career and growth opportunities, a key factor in employee success. A team member who is learning new things and applying them is more likely to stick around and more likely to be motivated. (Bacal, R: Performance Management, 2011)

How to Track Proficiencies

What types of proficiencies you monitor will be specific to each role within the profession or organisation, but each will include areas such as:

  • Specific types of work that involve technical skills, for example, BAS completion, superannuation roll-overs, enduring power of attorney preparation
  • Advice provision, for example, tax planning, gearing, investment recommendations, estate planning
  • Leadership and people development, for example, mentoring, feedback provision, workflow management
  • Soft skills, for example, time management, communication skills, effective listening.

In addition to the various types of proficiencies, tracking the level of competency provides team members with further clarity and feedback on their career progress. Towards this, having a process and recording capability that will easily identify and monitor proficiencies according to career path is an important component of tracking.

The Balanced Scoreboard that we have developed provides just this kind of structured framework for proficiency tracking. It not only allows you to enter role-specific proficiencies for each team member, it allows you to track and confirm competency development through:

  • Three levels of proficiency: Introduced, Assisted and Proficient
  • The date each level is reached
  • A tracking reference (which may be a client code or other).

By working through the Balanced Scorecard process, you can engage and provide focus for your team members in their development, meet compliance requirements and ensure you provide the optimum professional and technical client experience.

How to Get Your Business Pointed in the Right Direction

Yes, you can help your business reach its potential through transforming your good team into a great team. At Balanced Scoreboard, we have tried and tested methods to assist businesses like yours with a structured framework for enhanced team engagement, performance and job satisfaction. When you get those right, the effect is a general uplift in the whole operation.

For further information, go to where you can view or book a demonstration of the Balanced Scoreboard — an effective team performance HR tool with purpose, not just a gimmick that looks good on paper.

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